Why I Love Subliminals

Maybe I’m just lazy, but I love subliminal positive affirmations.  I don’t have to sit in meditation for an hour chanting positive self improvement affirmations, whether vocally, sub-vocally, or silently in my mind.  I can be doing any number of things: like washing the dishes, cooking, exercising…and changing myself for the better at the same time.

“Easy self-hypnosis” I call it.  Okay, it’s not what we traditionally think about when we think of hypnotic suggestion.  There is no Sigmund Freud caricature dangling his pocket watch on a chain left to right in front of our eyes telling us that we are slowly getting sleepy and are falling into a relaxed and receptive state…but we are changing our normal behaviours by reprogramming our subconscious mind.

Of course one could argue for the efficacy of this form of improving oneself, but I can only speak from my own personal, subjective experience.  I feel more confident, more vibrant, more positive, more focused, and happier than before.  My income has increased, though slowly, but steadily, and with less anxious effort.  My relationships feel more fulfilling.

I find that the positive changes creep up on you inch by inch, slowly, almost imperceptibly, until others point out that you seem to be smoking less, or making healthier choices, or seem happier somehow.

Again, this has been my experience only, not the conclusion of scientific data crunching.  As they say: “Results may vary.”