7 Great Ways to Use Subliminal Self-Hypnosis



The subconscious mind is a vast nether-region of experiences, thoughts, and beliefs that may not filter through to the conscious mind.  These shadow thoughts, and beliefs, nonetheless affect our day to day lives, experiences, and behaviours. 

How can we begin to rid the subconscious mind of negative programming due to the mind detritus of the past?  Or at the very least, add some positive subliminal messages to the subconscious mind to overwhelm any negative subliminal messages that may reside there?  In this way, we may have a biased inclination to the good and positive in our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences…at least most of the time.


Subliminal Self-Hypnosis


Subliminal Self—Hypnosis is what I call it when you actively plant positive subliminal messages into your subconscious through a variety of techniques.

The following are 7 ways to access the subconscious mind, and fill it with positive subliminal messages that will ultimately transform your life for the better:


1.    Focus on the In and Out of Your Breath.


This is probably the most basic method of accessing the subconscious in order to plant positive self-hypnosis subliminal messages.  You would sit yourself into a comfortable position in a place free of overwhelming distractions, and then focus your awareness on your in and out-breath, to the exclusion of anything else in your immediate environment.  After some time of doing this you will feel yourself much more relaxed, and in a state of quasi-timelessness.  It is at this point that you would plant the self-hypnosis subliminal messages or affirmations that you have chosen.


2.    Count Down from 100 in Unison with Your Breath.


This is one way that I am fond of for getting into a meditative state in order to more easily access the subconscious.  It involves focusing on the in and out of your breath, which is a common enough method.  Where it becomes a more efficient method is the concentration on the breath while counting down from 100 to 0.  The breath work relaxes you, and the counting down makes you feel as though you are traveling down an underground elevator going progressively deeper into the heart of the earth, and in turn deeper into the heart of your subconscious mind.  Once there, you can plant positive subliminal messages.



3.    3 Deep Breaths Followed by Visualizing Several Peaceful Scenes.


This particular method of accessing the subconscious through a meditative state is one that I do not have much experience with.  I have used it a few times, but only a few.  The instructions are simple enough. 


Firstly, find a place with little distractions and find a comfortable position in a chair, or on the floor.  You could even do this meditation outside surrounded by peaceful scenery, with your back against the trunk of an ancient willow tree perhaps. 


Once you’ve situated yourself comfortably, close your eyes and begin by taking three deep in and out breaths in order to relax yourself.  The next step is to visualize in your mind’s eye, in as much sensual detail as you can muster, a number of peaceful scenes.  If you can only bring forth peaceful visual details, or only pleasant scents, or peaceful sounds, or tactile feelings (like a lover’s caress) that relax you, that is fine.  The best thing is to combine all senses into the visualization, but even the use of just one sense in your visualization is a benefit for subliminal self-hypnosis.


Once the second step detailed above is completed you can begin to the true act of subliminal self-hypnosis by planting subliminal messages or affirmations of your choosing into your subconscious.



4.    Focus on a Mantra.


The way to combine subliminal self-hypnosis with the preliminary relaxation process is to use the focused repetition of a mantra in order to relax the body and monkey mind and thereby access the subconscious.  The key is to use a word or short phrase that represents one of the messages you wish to impart to your subconscious mind in order to begin the process of positive change through subliminal self-hypnosis.  Some one-word examples include: “Love”, “Wealth”, “Peace”, and “Joy”.   Examples of short phrases you could use include:  “I am wealthy”, “I am joyful”, “I am loved”, etc. 


A way to ramp up the power of the short phrase mantra is to turn it into a question: “Why am I so wealthy?”, “Why am I so loved?”, “Why am I so happy?” etc.  In this way you give your subconscious mind the task of finding the answer to your question, and thereby increasing the subconscious mind’s focus on what you are trying to bring more of into your life and your being.


Once you’ve reached a state of deep relaxation because of this one-pointed focus on a mantra of your choosing you can begin subliminal self-hypnosis by planting other positive subliminal messages or questions into your subconscious, in addition to the one you already used as a mantra, of course.



5.    Focus on a Visual Representation.


Another way to combine subliminal self-hypnosis with the preliminary relaxation process of accessing the subconscious mind for deep subliminal self-hypnosis is to focus on a visual representation of your goal, or the change you wish to instill within yourself and/or your life.


You can use half-opened eyes to focus on a physical copy of the visual representation you wish to instill in your subconscious, or you could see this visual representation within your mind’s eye only and with your eyes completely closed. 


Once you’ve reached a state of deep relaxation from this one-pointed focus on a visual representation of your choosing, you can begin the subliminal self-hypnosis peak process by implanting positive subliminal messages into your subconscious.


6.    Guided Imagery.


Guided Imagery is a method to access the subconscious that can use elements of all the others listed above.  There are a number of guided imagery mp3s out there that guide you on a shamanic journey to the underworld (your subconscious), or a hypnosis mp3 that uses guided imagery, breath work, visualization to get you to access the subconscious in order to plant specific ideas and commands there in order to change yourself and your life.  The hypnosis mp3 can be very specific in its goals: “Quit Smoking”, “Millionaire Mindset”, “Grow your hair back”, etc.


You can even record a guided imagery audio file using imagery that appeals to you, and use this audio as your guided imagery vehicle to the subconscious mind.  Once there, you can plant the subliminal self-hypnosis phrases or questions that you have chosen.



7.    Using a Subliminal Self-hypnosis mp3.


The last method I can suggest for achieving a state conducive to subliminal self-hypnosis is to use a subliminal self-hypnosis mp3.  This method requires us to choose a subliminal self-hypnosis mp3 for purchase that implants phrases into our subconscious in order to achieve a certain goal.  We choose that goal, and we choose the subliminal self-hypnosis mp3 based on that goal and the affirmations that the subliminal self-hypnosis mp3 repeats.


There are three types of subliminal self-hypnosis mp3s available.  The first is longer and uses guided imagery, binaural beats, and other elements in order to get you into a relaxed state to access your subconscious, and then the affirmations are implanted.  This guided imagery subliminal self-hypnosis mp3 combines the relaxation process and the process of implanting the subconscious with positive subliminal messages into one.  The second type uses brain entrainment technology and other methods to achieve the goal of getting you into a deep, relaxing, restorative, meditative state.

Click here to explore this type of subliminal self-hypnosis mp3.


The other type of subliminal self-hypnosis mp3 does not incorporate the relaxation process through guided imagery, though its soothing music and brainwave entrainment technology can relax the body also while simultaneously inundating the subconscious mind with positive subliminal messages.


Subliminal Self-Hypnosis: Self-directed Planting of Subliminal Messages in your Subconscious


The subliminal self-hypnosis techniques listed above are powerful ways of planting subliminal messages into your subconscious mind, and thereby changing yourself and your life for the better.  Use them wisely. 

Many blessings.