No BS Manifesting #1 Best Review

So, I’ve been thinking about this program I’ve discovered. It’s a course, or a process, if you will. It’s called “The No BS Guide To Manifesting”, or something like that.

A snapshot of the Intro page of the no bs manifesting guide
Here’s the intro page to the No BS Manifesting Guide

Now, I’m a bit jaded, and a whole lot skeptical when it comes to all these programs and courses by different “gurus” who purport to have the true secret to making the Law of Attraction work.

I’m sure you know what the Law of Attraction is. If you don’t, I’ll give you a brief history of how the Law of Attaction came into the public consciousness.

The Law of Attraction is a very old, formerly occult teaching. It basically tells us that we can manifest whatever we want to “do”, “have”, or “be” in our lives. It further states that this is accomplished through the power of our consistent thoughts, feelings, and focus.

The basic premise is that “Like attracts like”, and the easiest and best tool to accomplish this is by using our feelings as a magnet to bring into our lives whatever jibes with the vibrational tone of those particular feelings. So, if I am feeling a lot of positive emotions like love, gratitude, and joy, then these feelings will attract into my life more things, people, relationships, and experiences that will evoke more of these positive feelings.

The downside is that a consistent focus on negative feelings like anger, fear, despair, sorrow, etc. Will attract into our lives things, people, relationships and experiences that will bring more of the same negative feelings into our hearts. Keep in mind that positive feelings are more powerful than negative feelings in attracting, so don’t worry.

Digging deeper we see that the constant tone of our thoughts is what determines our feelings and our mood, and the quality of our life (according to the Law Of Attraction). That is why another motto of the LOA community is: “Thoughts become things.” (Thank you Mike Dooley for that little gem).

Until the movie “The Secret” came to the fore, this knowledge was in the hands of the few (relatively speaking). “The Secret” gave the world the basic formula for manifesting with the Law of Attraction… or so we thought. Ever since there has been a plethora of teachers (including some of the one’s featured in “The Secret”) saying that “The Secret” did not provide the complete picture of the Law Of Attraction, and they had the full, true “secret”. Of course they would share it with us… for a fee.

So because of this phenomenon we now have the 10-step, the 12-step, the 7-step, etc. guide to manifesting using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Can you now see why I am a bit jaded and skeptical?

The No BS Manifesting Guide: Pros and Cons

That brings me to the No BS Manifesting Course that I mentioned earlier. After much research on their product, this is what I’ve discovered:

The Cons:

  1. The video you have to sit through detailing the benefits of the No BS Manifesting Course is too long. They had me wanting to buy the product almost immediately, but I still had to watch more (a lot more!) of the video before it would allow me to purchase the product.
  2. There is an incredible array of bonuses that come with the purchase of the No BS Manifesting Course that I felt a bit overwhelmed. Which bonus should I begin with?

The Pros:

  1. You get a truckload of bonuses with the purchase of the No BS Manifesting Course. Keep in mind that this is also a negative as well as a positive.
  2. It is a scientifically clear, step-by-step approach to the Law of Attraction.
  3. The hypnosis audios that are included instill the No BS Manifesting process directly into your subconscious mind.
  4. A 1-year, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If my memory serves me right, you get to keep the bonuses even after returning the product for a refund, but don’t quote me because I don’t plan on returning the No BS Manifesting course.
  5. They offer a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support – as per their policy.
  6. An excellent price for everything you get.
  7. A cheat sheet for an easy reminder of the steps involved in the No BS Manifesting process.

There you have it. The No BS Manifesting Course in a nutshell.

For more details, or to get your copy: Check here.

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