Subliminal Messages for 1 Powerful change

On the power of influence

Influence always involves others, or at least one other. We try to influence each other all the time through multiple avenues, using a variety of techniques, both conscious and unconscious.

There are a number of reasons why we would want to influence another person. We may want to sell them on a point of view, on an idea, or literally sell them a product, or service.

Being aware of how we are being subtly influenced gives us back our power to choose if we are willing to allow ourselves to be influenced by certain individuals or organizations. Some of the more subtle techniques of influencing include subliminal messages and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. These more subtle deliberate techniques of influence are what we should be wary of.

Subliminal Messages

Asking you to be aware of potential subliminal messages that may be bombarding you in your daily life may be too much to ask of anyone. The reason that this us too much to ask is that the very nature of subliminal messages is their undetectability to the conscious mind.

The only way to combat this is to consciously choose other messages of a positive nature. This could be through the practice of meditation using a specific chant or mantra repeated over and over.

Another way to combat the subliminal messages geared to influence you is by choosing and using subliminal programs of your own choosing. There are a variety of such programs on the market that you can purchase.

I am also aware that you can find music with subliminal messages for specific desires and goals on your preferred music streaming service.
If you would like to have a more participatory experience of subliminal programming, then purchasing or streaming some hypnosis tracks that you can use daily would be a good choice.

Here are the subliminal programs and the hypnosis programs I prefer: Subliminal Guru, HypnosisLive.

Now for you to have the power to influence others, one of the most effective tools of subtle influence is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Often, subliminal and hypnotic programs that you may stream or purchase has some of the tools and techniques of NLP incorporated within them. NLP is too vast a subject to tackle here. We will revisit the topic of NLP in a future post.