Subliminals and Meditation Are 1 Powerful Combo

Can meditation increase the efficacy of any subliminal program one may wish to use?

Meditation can put you in a more relaxed receptive state.  Perhaps a state so receptive that, theoretically,  the subliminal suggestions within the subliminal audio program you are listening to may be embedded deeper into your subconscious mind.  In theory this seems quite possible.  In practice though it depends if one can actually achieve such a deep, relaxed, receptive state.

I don’t know about you, but I often find it hard to reach such deep levels during meditation.  Often my monkey mind is jumping frantically from one subject or another as I try to concentrate on my breaths or a mantra or two.  Perhaps for a more experienced meditator this would not be an issue.  That being said, anyone who can get that deep into their subconscious mind during meditation may just plant their own pre-fabricated suggestions into their subconscious mind through a sheer act of will.

Also, it may be said that such a pre-fabricated suggestion (“I am wealthy, healthy, and loved”, for example) could be used as a mantra to induce an altered, receptive state.  It may be beneficial to use an affirmation as a mantra while having a subliminal audio program related to the chosen affirmation and with relaxing music playing in the background.  I’ve found this quasi-self-hypnosis technique the best to get me into a deep state of relaxation during meditation, and perhaps a more receptive state to more deeply embed my affirmation and the subliminal suggestions on whatever subliminal audio file I may be using at the time.

In conclusion, I do believe that the combination of affirmations, meditation, and a subliminal audio can augment one’s meditation experience to deeper levels and embed self-improvement beliefs into one’s subconscious mind.  Give it a try.  Happy experimenting.