Subliminal Messages for 1 Powerful change

On the power of influence

Influence always involves others, or at least one other. We try to influence each other all the time through multiple avenues, using a variety of techniques, both conscious and unconscious.

There are a number of reasons why we would want to influence another person. We may want to sell them on a point of view, on an idea, or literally sell them a product, or service.

Being aware of how we are being subtly influenced gives us back our power to choose if we are willing to allow ourselves to be influenced by certain individuals or organizations. Some of the more subtle techniques of influencing include subliminal messages and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. These more subtle deliberate techniques of influence are what we should be wary of.

Subliminal Messages

Asking you to be aware of potential subliminal messages that may be bombarding you in your daily life may be too much to ask of anyone. The reason that this us too much to ask is that the very nature of subliminal messages is their undetectability to the conscious mind.

The only way to combat this is to consciously choose other messages of a positive nature. This could be through the practice of meditation using a specific chant or mantra repeated over and over.

Another way to combat the subliminal messages geared to influence you is by choosing and using subliminal programs of your own choosing. There are a variety of such programs on the market that you can purchase.

I am also aware that you can find music with subliminal messages for specific desires and goals on your preferred music streaming service.
If you would like to have a more participatory experience of subliminal programming, then purchasing or streaming some hypnosis tracks that you can use daily would be a good choice.

Here are the subliminal programs and the hypnosis programs I prefer: Subliminal Guru, HypnosisLive.

Now for you to have the power to influence others, one of the most effective tools of subtle influence is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Often, subliminal and hypnotic programs that you may stream or purchase has some of the tools and techniques of NLP incorporated within them. NLP is too vast a subject to tackle here. We will revisit the topic of NLP in a future post.

Using Subliminals as a Brain Hack

Our thoughts oftentimes become supremely negative and can affect our day to day lives.  We can find our thoughts caught in a loop of repeating negative self-talk, or often find these negative thought patterns in a spiral where, with each looping of negative thoughts, the thoughts become progressively more negative and darker.

 Like Newton’s Law, an object in motion tends to stay in motion and our negative spiralling seems to mimic this quality of relentless motion also.  We need something powerful, abrupt and of a different quality of energy, to turn the negative flow toward the positive in quality of thought and energy. 

Grab at any positive thought and then another, and then another, and another to begin to spiral upward in one’s energy and toward a positive bent in one’s thoughts.  This often requires a conscious act of will, which can be aided with the help of sources outside oneself: a kind and loving friend; happy, uplifting music; a favourite comedy movie or television program: a video or podcast that uplifts or spurs laughter: or physical movement (exercise, walking, Tai Chi, etc.)

Another outside source that can turn one’s negative thoughts toward the positive are subliminal programs with uplifting or meditative music.  In addition to turning one’s thoughts around, subliminals have a way of rewriting the subconscious programs that we have been given throughout our lifetime without our conscious choice to subconscious programs that serve us and are of our own choosing, in order to heal and grow, and thrive.

Ho’oponopono and Subliminals Are 1 Excellent Combination

What is Ho’oponopono

Traditional Ho’oponopono is a healing ritual from the Hawaian culture involving the one who has wronged others and all those they have wronged.  In this ritual all feelings are aired out and eventually a forgiving and cleansing are achieved.  Modern Ho’oponopono is much different.

Modern Ho’oponopono involves only oneself.  The theory is that whatever you experience or comes into your life was attracted, or (dare I write it?), created by you, and you have the responsibility to heal it.

Healing the situation in Ho’oponopono is called “cleaning”.  There are a number of methods for cleaning subconscious patterns and programs that don’t serve you, but the one that is most familiar is to repeat in your mind the following words in any order, as a prayer, as a mantra:  I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.

Supposedly, these words clean any subconscious programs within us so that we can return to what is known as the zero point which seems to be a state of pregnant possibility, wherein we can be guided by inspiration and not memory or subconscious patterns and habits embedded within our physical, mental, and spiritual structure.

From what I understand, if this practice does return one to a state akin to an empty slate, then theoretically we can write our own programming upon this empty slate.  That being said, using subliminal programs to accomplish this seems an easy and quite possibly, very fruitful endeavour.

It could be argued that we are simply using the Ho’oponopono statements, whether spoken aloud or internally, as a sort of calming meditative practice, and using it along with subliminal programs is no different than using meditation in unison with subliminals.

Perhaps. Or if we believe what is claimed about Ho’oponopono’s ability to go beyond the subconscious mind to what my old spiritual teacher called “the emptiness that is full”, then we have a much more powerful tool for life improvement and self-improvement.

Or we can say that the sincere belief in something’s power is enough to make it so.  We may very well bestow the power upon what we believe has that power inherently.  I may be overreaching here, but it’s just a thought, and I tend to overthink things…sometimes.

I do use Ho’oponopono’s four cleansing statements sometimes, though I’ve found that one can replace the statement “I’m sorry” with “I apologize”  if one is uncomfortable with the “I am” part of the former statement and it’s implication of identity.  Or just using any of the statements, instead of all of them, in any order seems to work.

Regardless of whether or not this practice does clean subconscious programming, or not, at the very least it can create a calming feeling that brings one into a present-moment awareness, and that is always beneficial.

Subliminals vs Hypnosis: 2 Excellent Practices

So I’ve used subliminal mp3s and I’ve used hypnosis mp3s, and I can tell you what I prefer.  Before I do that though, let’s discuss the differences and similarities.


  • Both implant suggestions directly into the subconscious mind
  • Both can lead to dramatic self-improvement in a relatively short time
  • Both subliminals and self-hypnosis programs are in an audio format (though they can be combined with video for possibly greater effect)

Hypnosis mp3 programs require one to find a quiet place, and a quiet time for a half hour to an hour each day in order to listen to the self-hypnosis audio and get oneself into a receptive alpha state so that positive affirmations can be implanted directly into the subconscious mind.

Subliminal mp3s can be played in the background or on headphones while washing dishes, reading, exercising…basically while doing whatever you want and positive affirmations are still planted into one’s subconscious mind.


Both self-hypnosis and subliminal mp3 programs can aid one in one’s goals of self-transformation and self-improvement, the ultimate question to ask oneself when considering between one or the other is:  How much time do I have to spare each day?