Using Subliminals as a Brain Hack

Our thoughts oftentimes become supremely negative and can affect our day to day lives.  We can find our thoughts caught in a loop of repeating negative self-talk, or often find these negative thought patterns in a spiral where, with each looping of negative thoughts, the thoughts become progressively more negative and darker.

 Like Newton’s Law, an object in motion tends to stay in motion and our negative spiralling seems to mimic this quality of relentless motion also.  We need something powerful, abrupt and of a different quality of energy, to turn the negative flow toward the positive in quality of thought and energy. 

Grab at any positive thought and then another, and then another, and another to begin to spiral upward in one’s energy and toward a positive bent in one’s thoughts.  This often requires a conscious act of will, which can be aided with the help of sources outside oneself: a kind and loving friend; happy, uplifting music; a favourite comedy movie or television program: a video or podcast that uplifts or spurs laughter: or physical movement (exercise, walking, Tai Chi, etc.)

Another outside source that can turn one’s negative thoughts toward the positive are subliminal programs with uplifting or meditative music.  In addition to turning one’s thoughts around, subliminals have a way of rewriting the subconscious programs that we have been given throughout our lifetime without our conscious choice to subconscious programs that serve us and are of our own choosing, in order to heal and grow, and thrive.

Tai Chi Chuan and Subliminals Are 2 Great Things Together

I have been doing Tai Chi for years now.  It is a relaxing exercise with precise, slow, mindful movements done with deep breathing.  It creates a sense of harmony, and peace within one’s body and spirit.  In addition it greatly relaxes the body.

If one plays subliminal audio programs with a relaxing, soothing melody, or with nature sounds while doing Tai chi, or just after, it tends to increase the state of relaxation.  Now here’s the kicker: in this state of relaxation, wherein the mind is free of the incessant loop of negative thoughts over worries, and regrets, the positive affirmations embedded in the subliminal audio program can be implanted even deeper into our subconscious mind.  This can only mean greater self-improvement in a shorter time.

Tai Chi in itself is great, but when it is combined with a subliminal audio program, it takes the benefits to a higher level.  I think we all have areas in our lives that we would like to see improvements, and this combination of Tai Chi and subliminal audio programs is another tool in our toolbox for positive self-improvement.